Celebrate … and Keep Going. Divest Now.

The Inflation Reduction Act is for sure an imperfect win – but it’s a major step forward for the United States. As Bill McKibben eloquently notes in this essay, the IRA legislation was passed because so many people spoke out and in many, many ways. That pressure has to continue, and it needs to grow much bigger.

In the book “The Upswing”, Bob Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett use 150 years of data to show that grassroots activism works. That’s what unseated the “robber barons”, gave women the vote, forced companies to improve workplace safety and much more 100 years ago.

We can do it again.

Changing your investments so that you no longer have a financial interest in the profits of the big fossil fuel companies is a great way to help. And, its easy to do. Plus, its a very smart financial move.