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Clean Energy Mutual Funds

Some investment companies have created "sector" funds that focus on companies whose businesses are either completely or largely tied to the growth of a clean energy economy.

Clean Energy Mutual Fund choices include:

Fund Company Fund Name Symbol
Calvert Global Alternative Energy CGAEX/CGACX
Calvert Green Bond CGAFX
DWS Clean Technology WRMAX
Fidelity Select Environment & Alternative Energy FSLEX
Firsthand Alternative Energy ALTEX
Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy GAAEX
Leuthold Global Clean Technology LGCTX
New Alternatives New Alternatives NALFX

This helpful article provides insight into how several of these funds approach the world of clean energy investment. As you'd expect, they are not all set-up in exactly the same way. You'll find that some of the funds in the article are listed over on the fossil free funds page.

One particularly unusual member of the list is the Calvert Green Bond Fund (CGAFX). This fund provides investors with a way to diversify their clean energy investments beyond stocks and into bonds. The creation of the Calvert fund is a reflection of the quickly expanding universe of clean energy investing - which now includes the possibility of "green yield" investments.

Given how quickly the interest in fossil fuel free funds is growing, the list above may miss the latest possibilities.

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