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Clean Energy Exchange Traded Funds

Another reinvestment option is to put money into an clean energy ETF or renewable energy ETF. Each ETF invests in stocks in lock-step with a market index that tracks a designated list of clean energy companies. Consistent with the ETF idea, the investments within a particular ETF are driven by the index, rather than being actively managed by a fund manager who moves in and out of the stocks they follow.

Clean energy ETF’s include:

ETF Company Fund Name Symbol
First Trust Global Wind Energy FAN
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy QCLN
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid GRID
Guggenheim Solar TAN
Invesco Power Shares Global Clean Energy PBD
Invesco Power Shares WilderHill Clean Energy PBW
Invesco Power Shares WilderHill Progressive Energy PUW
Invesco Power Shares Global Wind Energy PWND
Invesco Power Shares Cleantech PZD
iShares S&P Global Clean Energy ICLN
Van Eck Global Alternative Energy GEX
Van Eck Solar Energy KWT

Be sure to read the prospectus of a fund before investing. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with your investment decisions before you invest.

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