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Fossil Fuel Free Mutual Funds

If you're a mutual fund investor, there are four ways to approach fossil fuel free investing:

Option 1: Pick one of the many funds that are inherently fossil fuel free because of the investment strategy. Major fossil fuel companies are among the very largest in the world and are not included in many funds.

Option 2: Pick a mutual fund that is specifically designed to be fossil fuel free (scroll down for a list).

Option 3: Pick a clean (or "alternative") energy fund that excludes fossil fuel investments.

Option 4: Pick a sector fund that is unlikely to hold investments in fossil fuel companies (e.g., a fund that focuses on real estate).

If you need to, you can use these easy steps to verify whether a fund you're thinking about holds any major fossil fuel companies.

A small (but growing) set of investment companies have created mutual funds that specifically exclude investments in a core set of fossil fuel companies.

Company Fund Name Symbol
Alger Green SPEGX
Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth BIAWX
Gabelli SRI Fund SRIGX
Green Century Balanced GCBLX
Green Century Equity GCEQX
Parnassus Endeavor PARWX
PAX World Growth PXWGX
PAX World World Global Environmental PGRNX
Portfolio 21 Global Equity PORTX
Shelton Green Alpha NEXTX

This article provides insight into how several of these funds approach the world of clean energy investment. As you'd expect, they are not all set-up in exactly the same way. You'll find that some of the funds in the article are listed over on the clean energy funds page.

Given how quickly the interest in fossil fuel free funds is growing, the list above may miss the latest possibilities.

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