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Reinvest: Fossil Fuel Free


If your approach is to buy individual stocks and bonds, there are of course a great many investment opportunities that have no connection to the fossil fuel industry. Many investors don't have the interest or expertise to invest that way, and instead invest in mutual funds and, increasingly, exchange traded funds (ETFs). Here's some more information on the options:
Stocks & Bonds Fossil Fuel Free Mutual Funds Fossil Fuel Free Exchange Traded Funds

Many people who are interested in divestment away from fossil fuels are also thinking about reinvesting into the emerging new energy (sometimes referred to as the "clean energy" or "alternative energy") economy. The new energy economy is growing rapidly, and that growth appears likely to accelerate. Jump over to the new energy investments page to find thoughts and useful links.

Whichever reinvestment avenue you choose, there are many resources you can tap to gather more information. When investing in the stock and bond markets, take advantage of the information available to you. Read fund prospectuses, visit company and financial news websites. If you work with a broker, choose someone who understands the importance of your decision to divest.

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