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  • Divesting reduces investment risk: Part 1

    Lazy arguments against divestment say that people who divest make financial sacrifices. Baloney. In fact, the opposite is true. One false idea says that if you take money out of the fossil fuel industry, your investment position will be riskier – because your money is less spread out (i.e., less diversified) after fossil fuel divestment. […]

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  • Celebrate … and keep going. Divest now.

    The Inflation Reduction Act is for sure an imperfect win – but it’s a major step forward for the United States. As Bill McKibben eloquently notes in this essay, the IRA legislation was passed because so many people spoke out and in many, many ways. That pressure has to continue, and it needs to grow […]

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  • Go After the Money: A Divestment Campaign

    “There’s a correlation between the risk and the discomfort you feel, and the change that you get,” Vincent says. “But there’s so much of humanity and ecosystems to save and to fight for. What better way is there to be than to try and protect that?” Read about the inspiring work of Julien Vincent in […]

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